An illustrator became a handbag designer

Ellen Cornelis lives in Lovendegem, close to Ghent Belgium, with her husband Maarten, her son Max and her lovely cat Mike. She loves to hunt treasures in flea markets, collecting vintage lampshades.  Ellen was previously a children’s book illustrator and author for 16 years. Now she has her own wearable art business, creating custom paintings on wood panels and then transforming her paintings into pieces of wearable art.

Her method is unique. The image she wants to paint might develop in her head for weeks, but then all the energy and excitement comes together and splashes onto the wood panel. Her work explores color in many ways. Florals and organics are also a source of non-stop inspiration. The final results are a nostalgic wink to a bygone era.

Every order is packed carefully, every item is logo labeled and packed separately. Accompanied with a card and a folder for matching items / gift proof. Customer questions are always taken care of by Ellen in person.